Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Special Pixie Dust-Chapter 2- The Pixie Dust Powers

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Bella saw the pixie dust shimmer in the moon light.  She new it would be fine to touch it but the voice said "use it".  

So Bella took a pinch of pixie dust and sprinkled the pixie dust over her.  To her surprise she started to glow.  The voice in the river said "jump".  She jumped and she was flying.  She lowered her hands and she softly landed on the ground. It was getting late she laid on the grass and fell a sleep. The next morning she woke up and she saw a cute baby squirrel.  So she talked to the squirrel then said good bye.
The next day she set out for a walk along the river and then she remembered that she had to go back to her father. She said bye to her animal friends and set out for home. "I'm so glad to see you" Bella said. "Me to. The father said. That night they had a beautiful dinner. That night when she went to bed she had a vision. It was on a note. The note said 

    Dear Bella,
I'm the spirit within you. I'm the one who guides you to do the right thing. Come to the forest of Orismon. Your spirit will guide you to the right place.
from your spirit within.

Bella was confused with what the letter said or were the forest of Orismon was. Bella told her father about the vision that morning. He said  "you should follow what your vision". Bella was worried she might have to stay there forever. So she said "come with me. We can start a new life."

The father agreed to come so they packed up there belongings and just before she left there was a magical map on the floor. She thought that she and her father would follow it to get to the forest of Orismon. Bella said "take my hand." He took a hold of her hand and started to fly.

So they started there journey off flying.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Special Pixie Dust - Chapter 1 - The Discovery

Once there was a girl who was very poor. Her name was Bella. One day Bella was walking from the lake to get some water when she saw something shine. Bella climbed the tree and something so bright that blinded her. She looked what it was and to her surprise it was fairy dust. She wondered if it really works. She climbs down the tree eagerly to see if it really works. She picks up the bucket full of water and the fairy dust and runs home as fast as she could.
                Once Bella got home she told her father what she has found on her walk. Her father said “don’t touch it because we are not sure if it is safe”.  That night Bella was tempted to open the fairy dust and use the fairy dust. Late that night when she knew her father was asleep she crept out of her bed and got the fairy dust. Bella ran off to the forest and she came to the river. Bella was getting some water from the river when she heard a voice in the water. She ran away.
            Bella was lying under a tree when she fell asleep. The next morning she thought that her father would be worried sick. She made a note to her father and it said. 
Dear father I am in the forest out for a walk I will be back before lunch. I’m picking strawberries for dessert. I might even find a blueberry bush. From yours truly Bella 
Bella found a dove and called it over. She said to the dove in dove language “send this to my father”. To her surprise, she could speak to animals! So she went to the same spot where the voice was speaking to her and the voice said "come back tonight".

                After dinner she asked her dad if she could sleep in the forest for two nights. Her father said “alright, but start packing now if you want to go today.” She said “thank you, thank you, you are the best father in the world”. She started packing immediately. After she was done packing and say goodbye to her father she was off. She went to the river and waited for the voice to start speaking. It said “use the fairy dust”    

Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Special Pixie Dust

What I thought was that I could write a chapter book. Each time I go on my blog I will write one chapter on the special pixie dust. that is what the story is called. It is about a girl who finds Pixie Dust and used it a lot. I will let you find out what happens next. I hope you enjoy the story!

The Special Pixie Dust 

1 the discovery 

2 the pixie dust powers 

3 coming home 

4 the wings 

5 the wand 

6 the golden locket 

7 talking to animals 

8 princesses in need 

9 the evil prince 

10 the war 

11 the winning of it all 

12 the crowning

Sunday, March 4, 2012

My Lenten promise.

My Lenten promise is giving up television. I only gave up my favorite television shows. I was about to give up chips but I didn't. I'm glad I did not choose that because my family has been eating chips. Television is the hardest thing I ever gave up. Lent is some thing you have to give up for forty days. Or you can do something for forty days. It is the second week of lent. You have to give up something you really love. Even if you are not catholic you can still do it.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

My first post

This is my first blog. I want a blog because I can express my thoughts to everyone. I also want my writing to improve. I want to accomplish many posts. Some are going to be made up and some are going to be real. I really like to think that is why I named it my thought bubbles.